Hiking in the icy gorge

Free weekend days are rare for us lately, so when I realized that today was one of those rare days and the forecast was for sun, I knew we had to go hiking. Sam chose Angels Rest as our destination. Perfect hiking weather, although a bit on the windy side. We hiked about halfway up and it was getting progressively icier as we gained elevation. We asked some descending hikers about the conditions further up and they said it was solid ice towards the top. We hadn’t worn traction shoes, nor did we have our hiking poles, so we turned around and headed to the car.

We weren’t ready to head home, so we continued on the scenic highway and found a great parking spot at Wahkeena Falls. It was a good sign, so we stopped and decided to hike that trail as far as we could. We hiked past the falls, but again, as we gained elevation, the trail got icier. Just as I was telling Sam we should turn around, he slipped on the ice. He wasn’t hurt, but we decided to turn around and head down, once again.

After that, we continued on to Multnomah Falls. Again, we found a great parking spot, so we stopped and played the part of tourists for a bit. We were getting hungry, so we headed to Cascade Locks. Stopped for some delicious smoked salmon chowder and enjoyed the view. At that point, we were ready to come home. Now we are mapping out a route for a bike ride on this beautiful, sunny day. How lucky we are to live in such a lovely place.


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